Lily Missions Center Through the Eyes of a Child

A narration of a second grader’s 6 week experience at Lily Mission Center


I had so much fun this summer at Lily Missions Center’s Summer Reading Program. I loved learning how
to tell time and doing my multiplication facts. I can do them all the way to 10s now! I really liked when
the teacher would read stories to us out loud then let us write about what would happen next. I didn’t
even mind taking spelling tests over the summer. We played reading Bingo and won prizes for all the
books we read.

Getting to play the violin was my favorite. The Jackson Symphony Orchestra let me try the violin, bass,
and cello. It was so cool to hear all of them play their instruments. My friend loved when they taught us
how to play the drums and showed us how to make our own drums out of cans we have at home. I
thought it was so funny when I blew into the Tuba. The noise was so loud and funny. I think I might
actually join band when I get a little older.

Our teacher took us across the street to the garden to watch the plants grow. Then, we planted our own
plants inside the classroom. My mom was very happy when she got to take home some zucchini from
the garden. We ate it that night for dinner. I loved walking down the street to the Farmer’s market each
week. I even got $5 to spend on a fruit or vegetable from my family. Our teacher taught us how to make
cookies and brownies out of vegetables. I didn’t know that you could hide healthy food inside of treats!
You have to be careful to measure right or the recipe won’t turn out.

My grandma talks about making her own dresses. I have always wanted to learn how to sew. This
summer, I learned how to sew a button on and made a pencil holder out of fabric. I can’t wait to come
back to Lily Missions Center to learn more sewing.

Mommy and I are always happy when we go into the Summer Reading Program each morning because
they put out new books for us to take home to read together. My little sister always gets to pick one
too. I love that we get to play math bingo in the morning and write in our journals about our favorite
things. My sister and I get really excited when the teachers make us French Toast some mornings. We
are always glad that there is a breakfast for me, my sister, and even my baby brother. I get really excited
at lunch time too. I get to drink as much milk as I want and sometimes they give us strawberries. Mom
says she is glad that I am full when I get home from the Summer Reading Program each day.

I was so excited when the ladies came from Smiles on Wheels to clean my teeth. I had to stop reading a
book for a minute to get my teeth cleaned, but that was ok because I got a new toothbrush and water
bottle. They even gave me a chart to track how long I brush my teeth and read books at home.
It’s almost time for me to go back to school! I was very excited when I got to pick out a brand new
backpack at the Summer Reading Program. I got a rainbow one and it was filled with stuff. There was a
purple notebook, a folder with a cat on it, pencils, a new box of crayons, glue, and my favorite, scissors. I
am happy that I will be able to start school with a new backpack.

I have never been to a campground before! It was so cool to watch the boats drive by and play on the
see saw with my new friend. We walked some trails and saw cool bugs and animals. We got to paint
ceramic piggy banks outside. I chose a butterfly. I was able to ride on a hayride for the first time. It was
very bumpy but we laughed a lot. I roasted hot dogs and marshmallows around a campfire. Today was
the first time I tasted a s’more I made myself.