THe CEnter Began...

In 1999, Pastor James L Hines had a vision from God to build a center where youth could learn life skills, improve grades, play sports and learn life skills. He worked diligently with a small group of faithful members to raise $2.5 million dollars to build the center. The center has continued to grow and serve in new facets, like their student improvement programs, mentorships and scholarships.

Pastor Hines and his wife, Leontyne Hines, personally put up $50,000 toward the project. He was lead to ask his wife in the middle of the night if they could give their life’s savings of $56,000 to build a youth center. Pastor Hines awakened Sister Hines to pose the question to which she responded, “We’ve come here poor and we can leave here poor.” The vision came to fruition after they had moved young men into their home, but were not comfortable having young ladies to spend the night. Pastor Hines had a passion to work with all children. They locked up two acres of land with $6000 as earnest money on $490,000 worth of land. They purchased a $50,000 cashier check and a life policy of $50,000 on Pastor Hines and presented a $100,000 commitment to the project. Ground was broken in April 2000 with the center debt totaling $3 million. The Center was opened April 4, 2001. As of April 2016, the debt total is $375,000. Lives have been impacted significantly substantiated by measurable results.

The name “Lily Missions Center,” was chosen because Pastor Hines was inspired that the Lily Missions Center would be center of the church’s missions.The mission is still evident through the Lily Missions Center’s youth programs, including the After School and Summer Reading Programs. During these programs, students receive help with homework and opportunities for skilled practice and instruction in Reading, Math and Computer Literacy that include individual lesson plans. In addition to academic enhancement, the students receive a full meal and have the opportunity participate in sewing, cooking, Spanish, fitness, and art extracurricular subjects.